Monday, June 4, 2012

My life's constant

I was reminded this weekend about one of the reasons why I know he/hubby is one of the best things in my life.

Ever since I've been with him(for about 10 years now), my weight has been steady/constant. Does that sound silly? Why is that even important? Well because before him and through all the tumultuous relationships and happenings in life preceding, I was all over the board - physically and mentally. I would try all sorts of things to try to be the weight I thought I should be and all I ended up with was a number on the scale that was up and down and all over the place and just not really healthy - even though that's what (I thought) I was striving to be. I also think I didn't quite have a strong sense of self love and sometimes would turn to food for comfort (aka stress eating).

Yes, sometimes we can still drive each other bananas and I'm sure we will for years to come, but in the midst of it all, he keeps me grounded and makes me want to be the best person that I can be...for myself, for him and for our daughter. <3

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